Tarangire National Park

June 12, 2019

For many people who have spent years in the African Bush, Tarangire is their favourite National Park on Tanzania’s richly endowed Northern Circuit. As the sixth largest National Park in the country , it has all the visitor is looking for, in terms of attractions. Looking down from the high ridge, it is not difficult to see why , the Tarangire river winds away into the distance , through open undulating country.

The Tarangire river, from which the Park takes it’s name , runs through the park . It supplies Tarangire National Park’s lifeblood, and becomes the dry season magnet for the vast herds of wildlife that must come down to drink. Herds of elephants three hundred strong dig in the damp earth of the river bed in search of underground  springs, while wildebeest, zebra , buffalo and gazelle mingle with rare species such as eland and oryx around each shrinking lagoon. Python climb into the shades of the trees of that line Tarangire’s massive southern swamps and hang there like giant malignant fruit , coil neatly arranged over the branches in a perfect sphere.


The park is just 11km (74 miles) southwest of Arusha, the country’s tourist hub.


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Best time to visit

The park can be visited throughout the year, but the best time is between  June and October when animals gather around river Tarangire.