Serengeti National Park

June 9, 2019

Like a broken thread, the annual migration of the wildebeest and zebra binds the vast and legendary Serengeti ecosystem much as it has done for the past two million years. Each year more than six million hooves pound the legendary Serengeti’s endless plain , triggered by the seasonal rains, more than 1.5 million wildebeest, around 200,000 zebra, and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle gather to undertake their long trek to new grazing land. During this spectacle the migration will cover  some 3,200km (2,000 miles) and devour 4,000 tones of grass a day, and more than a quarter of million animals will be born. Serengeti is the Tanzania first and most famous park, the Serengeti is renowned for its wealth animals diversity including Leopards and Lions.

The vast reaches of the park are hiding place for the endangered Black rhino and provide a protected breeding ground for the vulnerable cheetah, alongside the Serengeti’s thousands of other diverse species.