Lake Manyara National Park

June 12, 2019

Looking down from the western rift wall , which gives a spectacular view, the Lake Manyara National Park is situated along the road to Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti. It is easy to see why Lake Manyara National Park was once described as “the emerald of Africa”. It is one of the smallest park in the country covers the area about 330 square meter only, it is the perfect park for a day trip safari.

Visitors to Lake Manyara are offered a chance of scenery form more of  Savannah dominated parks.  The lake shimmers below in the heat , home to flamingos , pelican and innumerable other water birds. Between the lake and the lift , the park with one main road and several loops, stands out in luscious greens that contrast with the arid, brown and windswept country side.

It is in Lake Manyara where a visitor, is going to be amazed with the spectacular view of tree- climbing lions, posing calmly on the branches of mahogany trees.

The park is home to a more than 500 species of birds.  Lake Manyara  National Park is the perfect place for visitors who would like to do, canoeing safari on the lake or mountain biking and abseiling outside the park’s borders.


It is located just 126km (78miles) south west of Arusha town.


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