Arusha National Park

June 12, 2019

This little gem of National Park near Arusha, the country safari capital, despite it’s easy accessibility , the park receives quite low number of visitors, the park has species of plant and animals that , can not be found elsewhere in the country especially in the other northern circuit attractions.  Much of it’s 137 sq km, combines an audible forest experience with a visual one. Birdcalls , black and white Colobus monkeys crashing through the trees and host of other sounds are drowned out by a vehicle’s engine.  So switch off , remain silent and enjoy the calls of the wild.


The park is located just 25km north east of Arusha town.


Game drive safari, walking safari, canoeing, mountain climbing,

What to see

Black and white colobus, plenty of giraffes, waterbucks

Best time to visit

Throughout the year